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Our mission is to make global real estate investments simple and available to everyone

Our story 

Global real estate investment has proven to be one of the most attractive investments for individual and institutional investors seeking yield and diversification, yet only a small portion of the population who’s ready and eager to invest, has access to do so - that’s been the problem for the last decade. The problem meets Karen Shlimovich and Uri Yarden, both technology entrepreneurs with experience in global real estate investments. Together they approached Avital Eliasov, an international real estate expert and serial business developer, joining efforts to create CrossBorder - a leading online platform for investors, institutions and professionals of international real estate. CrossBorder provides investors the infrastructure with all-inclusive access and tools to invest in real estate worldwide. CrossBorder’s founders envisioned a new world where people from around the world could discover, review and execute a wide spectrum of global investment opportunities through their desktops - the first global real estate online market place. The challenge was to understand the key barriers for individuals to invest globally in real estate and to find innovative yet simple solutions to provide access to deals, financing sources and professionals, thereby empowering private investors to seize the opportunities. Using our joint expertise, international connections, and financial networks we’ve built the first infrastructure that grants people direct and easy access to invest in worldwide real estate opportunities.

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Uri Yarden

Founder and CEO

Avital Eliasov

Founder and Chairman

Karen Shlimovich

Founder and COO

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